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[Brazil] [7.4] Phantom Old | New Season Open 09-06 ~15hrs~

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Dec 8, 2011
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Server Features:​

  • Exclusive quests (level 150+), yalahari quest, senja arena 1/2/3, POI, Demon Oak and many others.
  • !Task -> You can Repeat and use command !task for join, reward and others. SHARE in PT GROUP.
  • !autoloot and loot message on screen and channel.
  • Spells, vocations and spells formuled based on Tibia 7.4.
  • Ability to use the command '!train spell, manaAmount'. It will eat foot and act as anti-idle! For example, use '!train sudden death rune, 220', or '!train exura, 335'.
  • New items (drops, bossroom, raid) NO itens VIP!
  • Hotkey only conjure (exura vita, utani gran hur).
  • Free Premium (Promotion, spells, travel).
  • Bossroom: Boss and unique rewards (common, rare and super rare items).
  • Raids weekly -> orshabaal, ferumbras and others.
  • Anti Clone.
  • Party Sharing EXP-> 2 players +20%, 3 players +35% and 4 players +50%.
  • No runes on Shop. They must be conjured.
  • Edited Charged Runes. You conjure runes with more charges then real tibia (eg. Sd 2x).
  • Trainer are free (acess Thais temple, 1hour player check and kick).
  • Merchant -> buy all itens.
  • Suporte Discord / in-game.

War System:​

  • KDA System: frags, assists and deaths.
  • Players with guild will automatically be in war.
  • Players with guild 10%+ exp.
  • 3 Players guild in screen -> when you kill a level 50 less, it teleports you to the temple (anti maker).
  • bring me to -> exhastion 3 segundos.
  • Frags = 3 red, 6 ban / frag 12hrs.
  • No Protection zone on boats and carpet.
  • Old exhaustion system (puff puff).

Website Features:​

  • Powergame system -> detailed each day ( 7 days count max).
  • Guild features -> kda system, guild manager.
  • Wikipedia -> all detailed game information
  • Vocations -> you get to know how to progress quickly and get items.
  • Website -> easy navigation.

Map features:​

  • Respawn 2x more fast..
  • Senja City -> she is the center of the ice islands.
  • Added new ice monsters -> (Frost Dragons, Crystal Dragons,Crystal Spiders).
  • New monsters -> asura, zanights, bog raider, grim and more.
  • New monsters guild -> womans (xena, Freyja, Quiomara....)
  • Quick acess NPC: demona, dark cathedral e serpent tower, phantom room and demons.
  • Old areas with map extensions (without changing the essence).
  • Dark Cathedral reformulated.
  • Bossroom -> level 100-150-200 (10 boss more).

Extra game additions:​

  • Ancient creatures (old sprite)-> appears in respawns and raids.
  • Ancient runes (older sprites) -> with their power 10% higher.
  • Old Items -> Powerful versions of the original items.

Main commands:​

  • /info monster name -> shows monster information.
  • /share;/expshare -> shares experience in pt.
  • /train;!train -> auto spell, dance and eat automatically.
  • !autoloot -> loot system.
  • !task -> task system.
  • !frags -> frag count.
  • /cast -> cast system.

Extra Information:​

  • Season 12-18 months, no reset.
  • OTC v8 client, with full map.
  • Real Tibia map: Full real Tibia map.
  • Uptime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -> HOST BR
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