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Create tibia server help


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Mar 13, 2023
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Hi all

First time trying to setup a local tibia server just for fun on my windows 10 laptop.

Lets see if I can get som help as iam stuck after several attempts. Tomorrow i can add some logfiles etc

Steps so far
1. Install Uniform Server ZeroXV
2. Extract Znote ACC to the www folder under uniform server folder
3. Extract v1.4.2 of the forgotten server so I can use the schema.sql
4. Start uniform and set a root pw.
5 start Apache and MySQL end enter the phpadmin
6 create the db and import schema.sql from folder of the the forgotten server
7.import Znote AAC database schema from www/..engine/database
8 modify config.php. What should i set?
$config['ServerEngine'] with the correct TFS version you are running (TFS_02, TFS_03 or TFS_10).

Example i set tfs_03 and set the correct db user, pw and dbname
9. Restart Apache and MySQL
10. Enter localhost and create a new login
11. Try to create an char but nothing is happening.
In the error log i can see that online,rank_id is missing in table players. I can add the colums but still random issues and why do i need to add these colums?
I'am sure iam doing something wrong but what?

FILES I use and tried with


V 1.2

DDL pack

Uniform Server ZeroXV

Znote AAC
You're attempting to use tfs 1.4.2, so you would use TFS_10
Skip my last comments. one more step done :)

I have only this now Town ID x does which doesn't exist when I try to load the char and enter the game
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OK I changed in the table players to town id from 6 to 5 and I could login. I love this game :D
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