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[USA][CUSTOM - OTC] Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm | Official First Season 11/24/2023 - 11A.M PT

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Feb 3, 2021
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Era Introduction​

Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm beta phase is finally over and we present you the most important features and changes implemented throughout the beta phase, enjoy!

Connection Information

Website: Zoltyum - Latest News
IP: zoltyum.org
Discord Server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

Exp: Custom (Semi - Low)
Skill: 3x
Magic: 1x
Loot: Custom (Special items on all creatures)
Type: Open PvP (Expert PvP available)
Frags to red skull: 10 on a day, 1 frag removed every 4 hours
Skills/Mls grant dmg exponentially in a 10 by 10 factor
Armor reduces incoming damage (both magical and physical)


The server has many more features than the ones displayed in this thread but due to thread limitations only these can be posted.


In Zoltyum we have 5 professions, 4 of them (Lumberjacking, Mining, Farming and Skinning) are oriented to materials gathering and 1 (Fishing) oriented in boss farming.

On every profession based on your skill and tool you will find unique materials used in several crafting recipes among other important things.



Crafting system comes along with 8 different craft professions which offer a very depth and complex amount of recipes which will be required or helpful on several aspects of the game.



Bastions are special spawns specially designed to incentive manual playing, in these spawns monsters yield larger amounts of experience and also they have the chance to drop “special crates” which yield especial rewards.

  • Bastion creatures will ignore all your armor, so be careful when hunting here.
  • Bastion Charges: Bastion charges are automatically gained every 8 hours and your character can hold a max of 3 charges at time.1 Bastion Charge means 30 minutes of hunt time inside a bastion.


  • Bastion Verification:
Bastions will trigger every now and then a screen or you that will display a basic monster on it, to verify you are not afk botting you will be forced to reply.

Failing to reply the verification will result in another verification screen popping for a last try to verify your manual gameplay.

Failing to reply the second verification will result in you being kicked out of the bastion and your bastion charge being lost.

  • Bastion Levels:
Each bastion will allow you to increase it’s difficulty by collecting bastion charms from special crates, increasing a bastion difficulty means that monsters will behave differently for every person inside the bastion.

  • Special Crates:These crates are dropped by recently defeated bastion foes, these crates can only be opened by the chest owner, and by opening them it will begin a 5 monster wave fight that you will be forced to complete in order to claim the rewards.


There are 4 boxes ranks, each of them holding more special and epic rewards

  • Common: Requires bastion lvl 1 (base level) for you to have a chance to spawn them.
  • Rare: Requires bastion lvl 1 (base level) for you to have a chance to spawn them.
  • Epic: Requires bastion lvl 4 for you to have a chance to spawn them.
  • Legendary: Requires bastion lvl 7 for you to have a chance to spawn them.


Great Tasks​

Unlike normal tasks, great tasks is a system oriented to boost the progression of manual players allowing them to get better amounts of rewards than normal tasks and even being able to take it to the limit by choosing the highest amount of possible monsters


This system will pop a captcha for you every 5 mins like bastions in order to proove you are active, failing to do so 2x will result in your task being cancelled.

Relic Merge​

T1 relics can now be merged into t2 and t3 relics by combining 3 or more relics of the same kind, ofc it comes with certain success chance which can be increased by certain catalysts.



Zoltyumdrome is an era lasting arena system with endless waves, each wave being harder than the previous and of course more rewarding.

On each wave you will find 5 classes of creatures.

Besides the waves of monsters, Zoltyumdrome comes with different mechanics designed to create a more challenging experience while running it, at the beginning of each wave a specific mechanic will be set and will be cast every x seconds. Here is the list of possible mechanics.

The Floor is Lava: Every 15 seconds several random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds they deal damage equal to 60% of the current HP of players standing on them


Tanked Up: Every 15 seconds several random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds all players on them will be superdrunk for 10 seconds and monsters on the wave will increase their difficulty by 10%


Exploding Barrels: Several explosive barrels will spawn in the arena, they will ignite after 3 seconds of spawned and dealing 30% of your total health/mana per barrel hit.


Rewards: You will be rewarded with zoltyumdrome points based on the last completed wave, each wave you reach will reward you its number in points (I.E. wave 9 completed = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 points)

Points can be spent on Zoltyumdrome shop, which offers permanent character bonuses. Keep in mind that prices are progressive, so each time you buy an offer it will permanently increase it’s price.


Also, offers in this shop have a limit of how many times it can be purchased.

It’s also important to mention that Zoltyumdrome system will remember your last wave completed and sends you back 9 waves on your next run, which means if you managed to get to wave 25 on your first run you won’t have to run waves 1 to 16 again.

Trial of Heroes​

Trial of heroes is an era long feature which will take you to several scenarios, with different missions and bosses with an ever scaling difficulty.


For the moment stages 1 to 8 are available (stage 4 is harder than any desert content and 7 harder than winter content)

Completing each stage will reward your whole team, the more survivors means the more boxes the team will get (doesn’t apply on points).


Guild System​

A new guild system which brings a large variety of features has been implemented:

  • Guild Experience & LevelsCompleting differenting features in the game like doing quests, dungeons among other things will grant you guild contribution contracts which can be traded with NPC caliso for guild experience, gaining experience will allow your guild to level up and gain different benefits.
  • Guild BoostsAfter unlocking certain level ranges you will be able to choose between different boosts opttions which will be applied to your whole guild.
  • Guild BenefitsAfter achieving certain levels your guild will gain access to special places like better gathering areas for professions among other things.


And much more!


Smelting station has been implemented, smelting station will allow you destroy certain items in exchange of certain materials

It is now possible to smelt tier items into dusts!

Smelting Ratio:
Tier 1 = 3 exalted dusts.
TIer 2 = 10 exalted dusts.
Tier 3 = 25 exalted dusts.

Its also now possible to smelt tokens in the following ratio:
1 champion token = 2 elite tokens
1 elite token = 3 veteran tokens


Boss Fragments​

In Zoltyum all the spawn, world boss, mini world boss and spawn raid bosses yield boss fragments, boss fragments are bound to specific equipment items depending on its kind and will grant your items with permanent bonuses.

Every equipment item has locked imbuement slots which can be unlocked obtaining certain materials in the game.

Depending on the difficulty of the bosses the benefits their fragments grant vary.


New Market​

A new client build market has been implemented in which you can sell any of your goods and also create buy requests for any item you may need, this system is visually appealing and also supports a variety of currencies for your convenience.

Example of sell offer being created.


Example of buy offer being created.


Desert and Winter Continent release.​

2 full new continents with over 16 spawns, 16 spawn bosses and atleast 3 spawn raids each has been implemented.

These new continents also come with 32 new relics and boss fragments available and 1 mini world and world boss each.


Spawn Boss Charges Shop​

A new feature: Boss charges shop has been implemented.

All killing tasks will now reward task points which can be used to buy boss charges in a new shop.



In order to take your take your monster fighting possibilities to new levels we decided to implement the long waited bestiary system, bestiary will allow you to unlock data of the monsters you hunt, once you reach the max kill requirements you will unlock all the monster info and also be rewarded with bestiary points, these points can be spent on unique and powerful charms amont other things.


A few examples of your charm points would be:

  • Freeze:
    You have a 5% chance to deal 10% of the total selected monster’s health in ice damage when its procs.
  • Parry:
    You have a 5% chance to counter the attack of your selected foe reflecting their damag back in full.
  • Dodge:
    You have a 5% chance to avoid a hit from your selected foe.


Another years awaited system finally makes it to the game, achievements is a long term system designed to allow you progress over time, they are divided into multiple sections and also divided by stages, unlocking an stage of any achievement will provide you with different bonuses that will make your character considerably stronger.

  • All the known issues have been fixed and further achievements have been introduced.


Frontline Battlegrounds​

Frontline Battlegrounds brings a whole new mechanic to your hunting, monsters from winter continent and above have a chance to drop a portal where you will find a dungeon like 10 min battle experience, where you will face ferocious monsters and evil creatures which will grant you points per kill, these points will scale based on the difficulty of the frontline which is based on the killed monster and your current str.


Points obtained in the frontline battlegrounds can be spent in the frontline shop located on Winterhold TP room.

World Boss Raids​

World Raids are special events that happen once every 8-10 hours, in which you have to do certain tasks in order to spawn the ultimate boss at the end of the raid. You will be rewarded properly by helping to take down the boss. Dying inside world raids will not result in death penalty.

  • This stage is the first contact with the boss realm. Here, you will need to slay a certain number of creatures so the passageway for the next stage gets cracked open. Once it opens, you may proceed to the next stage.
  • This stage consists in sacrificing a specific item obtained from the stage 2 creatures’ loot. You need to sacrifice a certain amount of the items in order to proceed to the final stage, as instructed below. After the final stage is unlocked, a portal will be opened at the beginning of the stage 1 that will lead into the second stage.
  • This stage is simple. Defeat the boss and get some awesome rewards. Be careful! This creature is very strong and it’s highly recommended to avoid being hit by any of its attacks.


New Bot​

Zoltyum bot has been implemented, based on Vithrax Bot, this bot comes with so many improvements over the old bot that mentioning all of them would be complicated, enjoy its benefits.


PvP Changes​

Several balance changes were done throughout the beta but here come the most important ones.

  1. Armor does not apply on pvp anymore.
  2. All spells have received a damage increase on early stages and a severe damage nerf in mid and late stages.
  3. After reaching str 13k a dmg reduction formula applies progressively on spells.
  4. Considerably adjusted reflect dmg on pvp.
  5. Reduced drown damage in pvp.

    Normal Task Changes​

    Killing a veteran monster now grants 2 kills in tasks.Killing an elite monster now grants 3 kills in tasks.Killing a champion monster now grants 5 kills in tasks.

    Other Changes​

  6. If you are configuring bot settings be sure to turn the bot off/on before relogging for it to properly save.
  7. Training weapons annoying “training interrupted” bug has been finally fixed.
  8. Killing a task boss will now teleport you back to the boss room if you wait to be kicked.
  9. Changed the time for kick out when killing a task boss from 30 seconds to 5 seconds.
  10. Dying to a mini world boss will now teleport you to the continent where the boss spawns.
  11. Spell progress has been increased from a max of 50 upgrades to 100.
  12. Fixed the misleading descriptions in items like t1 lucky clover amulet, ceremonial ankh, icy elixir, ornamented brooch.
  13. Nocturnia’s bastion daily boss has been nerfed in dmg and HP.
  14. Client crash related to asuras on task tracker is now fixed.
  15. Added several mounts in the first continent outfit seller to give purpose to most of the unused creature products.
  16. The level requirement for the desert cont spells has been adjusted to 1050 instead of 1250.
  17. Holy punishment spell is no longer displayed when you have other effects turned off in client settings.
  18. Fixed an issue which caused medium or hard tasks to disappear from your task tracker.
  19. A way to cancel active tasks has been implemented, ask your tasking NPC for “cancel”.
  20. The bot issue of it turning off upon restarts or crashes has been finally fixed, requires a client patch, so please close/open your client.
  21. Ancient Bogle (Champion Challenge) will no longer cast double wave/aoe.
  22. It is no longer possible to apply/remove imbuements or exalted ranks on items you are currently wearing to avoid bonuses bugging out. Place them in your backpack to upgrade them.
  23. Fixed an issue in charms shop where parry was giving dodge.
  24. Paladins healing has been considerably improved.
  25. Monsters from inquisition quest will no longer spawn as vets, elites and champions.
  26. All quests from hardbone to Inquisition are now granting jewels when completed.
  27. Minotaur boss should not be able to hit anyone from higher floors anymore.
  28. Lowered several spell cds for all vocs.
  29. Price to craft splinters has been reduced.
  30. From now all available task bosses have a chance to drop creature products.
  31. A new section on myinfo “Cosmetics” has been implemented.
  32. All known crashing the client issues have been fixed.
  33. To make things more fair the bonuses of shop cosmetics has been reduced by half due to that the bonuses has been moved to relics.
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I would like to ask the same question. p2w cosmetics still giving tons of free hp/dmg reduction/dmg?
or is content finally balanced around f2p after all these eras?
All outfits and mounts were nerfed in attributes by half since they had a far bigger impact than expected, all those extra bonuses were moved to ingame obtained relics to balance out.

Also a npc that sells the store cosmetics for ingame boss coins was implemented.
A lot of good stuff , but I need to ask: Why do you guys put such efforts in making good custom content and end up allowing BOT ?

If I want to play bot simulator I would play something else instead, so mostly people that think same way will always skip...
A lot of good stuff , but I need to ask: Why do you guys put such efforts in making good custom content and end up allowing BOT ?

If I want to play bot simulator I would play something else instead, so mostly people that think same way will always skip...
The server is balanced around the bot, and playing manually gets u FAR AHEAD. If ur just afk u can't even progress.
Even if that wasn't the case, not many ppl have so much free time to grind 8hs/day, and those ppl that work mostly support the servers. If u don't like bot servers don't play them. I don't go around non-bot servers saying how they should have a bot :)
A lot of good stuff , but I need to ask: Why do you guys put such efforts in making good custom content and end up allowing BOT ?

If I want to play bot simulator I would play something else instead, so mostly people that think same way will always skip...
I bet you play rl tibia servers
The beta was allright, But gm buy every service, then he cry in discord that he needs money cause he cant pay the people he bought script for.
And there is 2 whales who keep giving him money haha
The beta was allright, But gm buy every service, then he cry in discord that he needs money cause he cant pay the people he bought script for.
And there is 2 whales who keep giving him money haha
Perhaps you don’t know but development in open tibia is super expensive, specially when focused on quality
bot in client with auto healing and targeting probably monsters spawn next to you and theres auto loot

no thx for all boring 4 mc waching screen simulators
if playing open tibia servers past 15 years taught me 2 things is this community blows & Gm Shadow + team will never release a good tibia server

they attract the same people, pray that playboys and the other 2 whales join to fund them another year of living and repeat the process

dog ot, try adding another 5k custom sprites and you'll still have a shitty idle game.
Nothing changed, p2w as its been p2w, gm going literally mental on discord banning people giving him a feedback, which he ignores anyway as in his mind donators = only feedback he can accept. Like someone said above, i recommend people to avoid that ot at all cost, waste of time.
don't bother with this server, let it die and maybe a better owner buys it.

every era there's just more p2w added to the game, same ppl playing it and donating

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