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New otservlist with super anti spoof


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Aug 28, 2017
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In addition to make super anti spoof system i discuss about it with a professional scripter and we got three points:-
1- That never can manage it from source or server side because server owners will always evolve it and send spoofing packets.
2-Using a custom proxy of otservlist to count players but it has a disadvantage if only one ddos on it will make servers lagging and loss players so it disagreed too only if someone can protect it or can send a recconnect package from otservlist to tfs to recconnect using server IP instead of proxy and compare between proxy counts and server counts if counts of server bigger than proxy so here u catch a spoofer and u can make this proxy connect every 1 one hour by some packets from otservlist to tfs.
3- The hardest point making a dll for every old client and for every new client this dll will connect player to proxy then recconnect to server ip after count it but the point here does servers owner will accept it and players will download this new dlls it's 100kb if we make a big adv in streamers channel and get real players user to this new website?!
Is there someone who can write this dll and some can write otservlist website connected by the dll

So can otland take these ideas and update it and make it released.


Oct 4, 2021
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Try Fiver, There is plenty of Talented People that for few bucks could write this. Dont ask Cancer to make a chemo on itself, It wont happen.