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CG [7.4 - 7.7] RealOTS/Files from 2006 - What would you want?


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Jun 10, 2007
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Hello there.

I'm not gonna go to deep into all side storys of my project in the past years but what I have is a multiverse of the real game files.

I am able to run multiple servers that allows you to login with same account to different servers.
I am able to change various things within reason in the server engine such as rates of magic, skills and so on.
There is a lot of limitations of using the real game files but to me the fact that it is the real game outweighs the cons.
I've made various versions of the game files already all from a regular 1x straight through with no changes at all which means it's 7.7 without any changes.
But I also have versions of 7.7 with a lot of changes as to added new island south west of Thais with various quests that would allow you to upgrade certain items, some quests that would require you to farm dragons and turn in dragon skin, skinning feature, a quest that would teleport you from the NPC on the island to the gates of Demona if you had completed the crystal wand quest. You would also need to carry the wand and pay 1000 gold coins and so on.
I am able to add items to the game but the outfits are limited as the client won't allow for that many more, I think there is room for like 50ish free outfits.
One way to fix that would be to modify either the original client or to use OTC.
I have tried to use OTC in the past but it is very buggy and it won't work to just connect with OTC straight up, you need to do several changes which I can't even remember what they were right now, but I still got the src files and executable of the OTC that did work. But using OTC had a lot of other bugs with walking, using items and so on that made me give up on that in the past. Could perhaps take it back up if there was interest for it.

So what is it I want to discuss here?
Well I am for one really hungry for the real game once again. Been my fair share on Classic WoW now and my fire was lit again for the retro gaming such as Tibia, Runescape Classic etc.
So what I have is right now besides 7.7 binaries with & without modifications, I also got a modification of the game binary that is changed with the following:

Besides removing the soulsystem & muting system this has also been changed to try to mimic 7.4 the best I could

• Spells system & values to 7.4
This is not as straight forward and easy as on any OpenTibia server as you have the sources to change it in while I needed to use IDA disassembler to change it.
So the way it's made is that each spell has everything hardcode within the binary.
An example, Heavy Magic Missile Rune
It has the spell words, level required to learn, mana needed to cast, soul points required.
It isn't lined up nice and easily to change either nor is it by numbers, it's all in HEX where as an example 70 is 46 and so on. Let's just say it is a hassle to change and it's easy to mess up while changing.
So I wasn't able to change it to look for magic level rather than level since 7.7 no longer required magic level to learn spells and instead level.
That meant sudden death rune required level 45 to even learn the spell and 880 mana to cast. To make UHs you need level 24 and 400 mana and so on.

So what I did was that I went with as an example HMM to learn the spell you need to be level 10 as level 10 you will have the required mana as a mage.
However paladins can also make HMMs but since the spells doesnt have individual level requirements this means that a paladin will be able to learn HMM spell at level 10 but you won't have mana to cast it. This is the best way I could alter it.

In 7.7 all life and mana regeneration was increased by 4 so I went and changed it back to the 7.4 values of mana regen.
But since the magic rate is based on you gaining 4 times faster mana I also needed to change the rate you gain magic levels at to x4 times faster.
This means that you are gaining magic levels at 1x rate.
Also in 7.7 manafluids cost 55gp and gave you double mana compared to 7.4 manafluids that cost double the gold so essentially it was an increase of 4x on the fluids aswell. This has also been changed so manafluids instead cost 105g, you get 5 gold back if you return the vials, and give 50% of what the manafluids does on 7.7.

I also disabled wands, I didn't remove l from the loot tables so you can still loot and sell them but you won't be able to use them.

All mana values has been changed to be equal to 7.4 so Ultimate Explosion as an example is 800 mana rather than 1200 mana.

• Skill Rate - Believe it or not even this is a pain to change, but it has been increased to x4 times the normal rate, BUT it isn't a straight change and now you just gain 4x faster. The way it works is, when you bleed a monster you are eligible to gain just an example say 30 points into your skill you are advancing in. After those 30 points has been skilled you need to bleed a monster again for you to be able to keep on skilling. So with 1x rate that is how it works, but now that you gain 4x per hit, that means that you can only hit a monster for 30/4 points before you need to bleed it again. So instead of having to bleed the monster every 30 points its instead every 7.5 points. All in all you will need to bleed whatever you are attacking 4 times more often than you would otherwise if you want to keep up max potential skill rate. If I do find where the bleed "points" are in the engine I would make it to 120 rather than 30 so that we won't need to bleed as often. However, for now, this is how it works. It also rewards a more active playstyle rather than completely AFK.

• A change we did long long time ago was to remove Exiva as we thought it would give a very interesting approach to the game.
When we did the change there was a bit of different opinions at start but not after long the majority, not everyone, but majority thought the change was epic.
It benefits you in all aspects even if you are a PKer or a solo player or in a war.

With Exiva you can find any given player as long as you have some what awareness of the map when you the indications of where they are.
It's a great tool to make sure a PK doesn't get away, it's a great tool to find a target you want to PK.
But if you look at it from not having it,
Say you are getting attacked by a group of pkers and you are making a run for it, the hide and seek is for real, you could make some impressive maneuvers and outsmart whoever is following you. Equal, if you are a known PK people might keep tabs on where you are with exiva making it much harder for you to reach your target or especially in a guildwar where someone has your guild on friends, when you login they exiva you on the regular to make sure you aren't on the way to where they are. Say you are in a guild war and you are looking to kill someone that is frequently hunting in Demona. You logged out inside Demona and when you login the player that is in war with you instantly exivas and see you are close by and makes a run for it and logs out. Without exiva you login and the player instantly needs to decide, do I want to stay or do I chill and hope they aren't going to look for me here?
Also in-game communication about whereabouts is going to be massive, have you seen X player? when where?
In our experience this change actual made it much more thrilling, both ways, as the PKer and the one being targetted.

• Boat are STILL PZ and will remain PZ. This isn't because of the inability of changing it, rather it is one of the changes that CipSoft made to make sure the boat traps that was just ridiculous stopped. Also without exiva, being able to travel with PZ would make it absolutely impossible to find someone if you were to fight them in a town and they then managed to get to the boat to travel. So this part is equal to 7.7, it's not a change from 7.7, just wanted to point it out as it is one thing that is often asked.

On a side note to the travel zones being PZ, you can walk over stacked items such as parcels. This is something we cannot change, I've looked throught the binary several times and finding where or what is just a needle in a haystack and it won't be changed unless I stumble across it and it is an easy change.

So again what I wanted to discuss is what your opinion is on what to do.

Right now we have a server online and running with the 7.4 modifications that I posted.
It's 8x the experience, 4x skills, 1x magic, 1x loot.
Main reason of it is to allow anyone that wants to, to experience the real game but at a faster pace without having to invest massive amount of time but still without everything handed to you instantly so you get bored in a day.

What I wish to achieve with this discussion thread is to hear what you want to play, do you enjoy the 7.4 version changes that was made?
Would you rather play a completely untouched 7.7?
Would you want more changes? Less changes?
Would you want stuff that was present during RealOTS such as enchantments to items.
It's a fairly easy system to put into place if we were to add.
Some items they had were ring of power that dropped from BK, Dwarf Guard & Demon Skeleton. A ring that provide shielding skill and a perma light.
They had enchantments to legs for speed, enchantments to weapons to improve their ATK for X amount of time etc etc.

Even though the binary files are completely without sources some changes are possible.

Like stated above, adding items, new monsters, quests, new map areas, new houses etc that is all able to be added.
New depots is not something that can be added, the existing current depots are the ones that can be used, I can link certain towns together if adding a new town would be something we would do. Could even rename the different cities or even simply making all depots the same and instead increase the amount of items you can hold in your depot and simply name the city "Tibia" or something so a parcel would always be sent to Playername/Tibia.
It is not possible for me to add party share experience, a killing task system that would grant experience. Those two are the two that have been asked for the most in the past so I'll just let you know that right away.

Please share your thoughts,
You can join our discord if you want to have faster responses @ Join the Classic-Gaming.org Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8VPQvgCTcG)
Website can be found at Classic-Gaming.org - Start your adventure today! (https://www.classic-gaming.org/)

Thanks for taking your time read through the whole wall of text that it became :)
Were you owner of sirius/celestia map? I enjoyed it very much but still remember when people played and you just shutdown ot without any info and switched into propably x6 edition of the same 7.4 or 7.7 project
But i read about some custom content so maybe i give it a try for a while
I'll give it a shot with some of my free time. :)

Long time no see Cody, how are you? :)
Were you owner of sirius/celestia map? I enjoyed it very much but still remember when people played and you just shutdown ot without any info and switched into propably x6 edition of the same 7.4 or 7.7 project
But i read about some custom content so maybe i give it a try for a while
That is a long time ago, yeah I've had a lot of different OTS in the 14-15 years I've been active with ots.
The custom content here is bare minimum, it's to make adjust the server slightly without losing the real game engine.
why not you just... come play tibiantis?
There is plenty of servers around that are good, bringing back life into the real game engine has been a "dream" of mine for a long time.
I am sure there are others that feel the same way.

If you are interested in either working with me, being a tutor, gm, whatever it might be or if you just want to play, please join the discord Join the Classic-Gaming.org Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8VPQvgCTcG) and join the discussions