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[Germany] [Custom] OxygenOT | S8 Official Launch | RPG/PVP | Custom Map | Start on Saturday 15-06-2024 at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST

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[13.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 1.0
  • Modified that monsters in quests won't spawn in your screen anymore and players can block their spawn.
  • Added 3 new Wiki pages. (Wings, Auras, Shaders)
  • Added new command to find bosses from boss check window. !exiva bossName [Use the command without quotation)
[17.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 1.1
  • Reworked the task system, it is now built in the client and no longer NPC for it.
  • Task reward will be sent to your reward chest once you click on the report button from task window.
  • All tasks can be done once at any level with the ability to activate 3 at same time.
  • Task window button is located under your eq.
  • Added shaders for skulled monsters.
  • Added a feature to see how many attribute points collected from this hunt/quest when you enter the teleport.
  • Modified waypoints to make 2 waypoints for free and no need premium but you need to discover them to be able to use them. (The Old Widow, Demodras)
  • Removed the ability to get any attribute points by counting transactions from store.
  • Reduced the price of great mana rune to be 50 silver tokens instead of 75 silver tokens.
  • Reduced the price of stats potions ex. damage increase potion, etc...
  • Fixed some map bugs.
  • Modified the payment page and added packages to get extra points when you donate.
  • Be sure to update your client to be able to use new tasks window. (ver 2.1.8)
[19.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 1.2
  • Added pages (Global Bonus, Explorer Points, Lottery, Auto Loot, Attribute Points, Commands) to wiki.
  • Added loot images in bosses page.
  • Added new monsters to be in the quests distributed randomly with deadly nightmare.
  • Added that you get 1 attribute point every 100 levels you achieve.
  • Modified that party share exp to work in the same floor.
  • Fixed wrong information about attributes from 2nd annihilator quest.
  • Fixed some map bugs.
  • Fixed the tasks window to show you a message when you are done with all tasks and give you information about points, rank.
  • Be sure to update your client to make tasks window work fine. (ver 2.1.9)
[20.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 1.3
  • Added pages (Daily Tasks, Dungeons, Monster Box, Monster Orb, Monster Skulls, Party Sharing, Stamina, Tasks, Upgrade, Quests, Players Damage, Tokens Shop) to wiki. [All wiki pages are working now]
  • Boosted experience 10x for all players during beta to get level faster and try more content.
  • Fixed a problem was causing kicks for players.
  • Fixed the message appear when you go out of pz without blessing to make it clearer.
  • Fixed the attribute check when you enter the dragon spawn.
  • Removed [] from monsters and bosses name like INQ Hellhound.
[30.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 1.4
  • Added online hours highscores and online points which will be used to get stamina ticket from depot, you can check !points.
  • Added tokens to be looted from lower monsters starting from rotworm.
  • Added deposit all button to bank window in the client.
  • Added a system to save all players to protect them from crashes.
  • Boosted loot rate 10x for all players during beta.
  • Nerfed damage of some bosses.
  • Nerfed healing of some bosses.
  • Changed the message type the pop up when you use something like using a rune to be showed into server log instead of screen.
  • Client updater should be working fine now.
  • Update your client by closing and reopen it again. (ver 2.2.0)
[03.06.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 1.5
  • Reworked premium features, visit premium page on our wiki for more information.
  • Added a store system that applies random sales to items daily.
  • Added buff icon for all party buff spells.
  • Changed stamina ticket pricing from 20kk to 35 online points.
  • Boss bodies now open reward chest for loot collection.
  • Reward and task bags will disappear if empty when clicked or attempted to open.
  • Bosses spawn every hour; only one character per IP can receive loot. [If we are going to keep 4 characters per ip, I think it will be fair]
  • Increased the number of kills required for tasks.
  • Fixed health/mana display issue for values above 65k; they now show the exact amount.
  • Fixed reported map bugs.
  • Fixed an issue with attributes from Cagnazzo spawn.
  • Removed individual supreme exp and loot potions from store; replaced with global exp and global loot boosts, enhancing all players' stats by 50% for 1 hour.
  • Client updated. (ver 2.2.1)

After over a month of rigorous testing, our beta phase has successfully come to an end. During this time, we witnessed incredible engagement from our community, with a record peak of 100 players online simultaneously. We also saw the creation of over 460 accounts and an impressive 700 characters, reflecting the enthusiasm and dedication of our players.

Throughout this beta period, our team has been relentlessly focused on delivering the best possible experience. We have been actively addressing issues, reworking various systems, incorporating new ideas, and, most importantly, listening to your feedback. The volume of feedback, ideas, and reports we received was overwhelming, and we are proud to say we managed them all with great care and attention. Your input has been invaluable in helping us refine and enhance the game.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the 15 updates we rolled out during the beta phase. Each update was a step towards improving the game, addressing bugs, enhancing gameplay mechanics, and introducing new features. You can review all the updates here: Forum - OxygenOT (https://oxygenot.live/forum/board/6) This link provides a detailed log of our continuous efforts to perfect the game based on your feedback and our internal assessments.

As we move forward to the official launch, we are filled with excitement and anticipation. We believe that the hard work and dedication invested during the beta phase have laid a strong foundation for a game that you will enjoy thoroughly. The journey ahead is promising, and we are eager to share it with you. Your continued support and enthusiasm mean the world to us, and we can't wait to see you in the game.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We are thrilled to embark on the next chapter together and look forward to an amazing launch. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for an adventure like no other!​
We reached 350 players today!
It is a great feeling and I want to thank everyone for being part of OxygenOT.
Server feels like you playing on evolisca while both of them ( oxygen and evolisca ) are mostly like a copy of evolunia just with about 200 new modules and more cosmetic stuff
the client has a trojaner + contains the stupid bot
End of the story playing the server will give you the same gameplay feeling ( 95% afk botting ) as the server mentioned above
( No hate or something just my opinion )
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[17.06.2024] Changelog - S8 0.1
  • Changed the name of spell (exana mort) to be (exana death) as many of players think it is a spell which is giving health to knight but it should remove the death condition.
  • Fixed the message which appears when you add more than 1% into attributes, it should work fine now.
  • Fixed hidden attribute point in the quest boots of fire.
  • Fixed that anyone can open the body of the boss instead of corpse owner only.
  • Fixed a problem with the client when trying to add useable item on the action bar like teleport scroll.
  • Magic wall and wild growth will show now casted by who when you look into them.
  • Update your client by closing and reopen it again. (ver 2.2.4)
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[18.06.2024] Changelog - S8 0.2
  • Teleport scroll is not usable if a player is attacking you and you have to wait 30 seconds to be able to use teleport scroll.
  • Changed a bit in the animation of some spells to keep server smooth and performing good.
  • Fixed some map bugs.
[18.06.2024] Changelog - S8 0.3
  • Added the price of addons when viewing addon statues.
  • Enhanced teleport information when you look into it, now displaying spawn/quest names, required levels, and attribute points.
  • Fixed a bug where some players could receive skulls despite PvP mode being off after login.
  • Optimized the server for improved performance and stability, ensuring smooth operation with a large number of players.
[19.06.2024] Changelog - S8 0.4
  • The Ghastly Dragon now requires 75 task points to spawn, down from 80.
  • Resolved the issue causing an annoying white message to appear when looking at any object.
  • Fixed a bug with the "add market offer" window, which was previously non-functional.
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