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Guide me to create an operational OT server


Oct 24, 2009
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I am looking to start an OT server from 'scratch' inspired by RL Tibia map. If you are familiar with setting up and running an OT server enough to answer random questions and guide me on how to do it, it will be much more efficient than having to research it all myself.

Send me a message here on OtLand if you can explain how to download all the necessary files to create an OT server, how to get them operational enough just to work on them privately, how to eventually make the server public, paid hosting information, and map editor Q&A.

This is just a project I will work on over the next few months and have no problem paying somebody to shortcut me all the research. I only have mild experience in editing data files (creatures/spells) and map editing nearly 10 years ago.

We can discuss anything further on Discord!