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[Nindo OT] Naruto themed server development thread.


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Dec 30, 2011
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NINDO-OT development&discussion thread
Quick info (tldr):
Nindo is a custom "Naruto" themed OTS, focused on gathering powerful items (own rarity system), and more powerful scaling.
The priority with this server is to make the gameplay fun, and listen to the needs of the community.

Nature system:
A system to replace vocations. Basically you pick a chakra nature (Initially one, on mainland you pick a second one), and it grants you spells.
Available right now:
  • Fire (Katon) - Waves and attack over time.
  • Water (Suiton) - Heals and area of effect.
  • Earth (Doton) - Tanking abilities and crowd control
  • Wind (Fuuton) - Distance and speed
  • Electric (Raiton) - Burst single target damage
The descriptions above outline only the core strenghts of each nature.
Each nature has abilities that help you farm, so each one should be viable.

Item rarity:
I don't think this needs much explaining, hovewer:
Items you drop can be "unidentified".
Using an identifying scroll on them allows you to "roll" the item, and learn its true abilites.
There are multiple rarity tiers from "Common" to "World Ending".
Each rarity tier has varying amount of item attributes it can hold.
For example: a "Common" item will have only one attribute, while a "Rare" item will hold three.
Rarity also boosts the main values of items (if applicable)
So a "Legendary" Sword will have more attack than a normal one.
Honestly the "World Ending" tier is truly world ending because i made it very OP and i intend it to be (hehe)
Of course getting it is another thing. But knowing the luck of some players the chance will need to be nerfed to oblivion, but let's have fun :p

New tooltips:
I got kinda bored with the "current" tooltips that everyone uses, so i made my own.


Unique item attributes:
Combo chance:
X percent chance (rarity value) to start a combo. Basically a multi attack. Reserved for Taijutsu weapons.
Multi Shot / Attack bouncing: X percent chance (rarity value) to bounce an attack between 3 enemies close to each other. Reserved for Distance weapons.
Flat retaliation: a flat 10% chance to retaliate with X (rarity value) damage to the enemy. Early game stat. Reserved for the Ninja Tool (Shield equivalent)
Reflect: Retaliate X percent of damage received (rarity value) to the attacker. Reserved for the Ninja Tool (Shield equivalent)
I will be adding more when i come up with them. But i'm still very much working on all the base features.

I've also made a custom crafting module.
It has a boosted rarity chance, and adds a cute message about the author to the item description.
That's mostly all about it so far, so maybe it's worth to ask you guys:
Do you think going all in, with crafting levels is worth it? Or should i just treat it as a little addition without much focus?


Full custom map. Naruto World. Part after part released with new updates.
For now the focus lies on "Benisu Island" featured in one of Naruto Shippuden filler episodes. It will act as a Rookgard for the server.
It's about twice as big underground :F

Half tibia, half custom. No fantasy monsters in the naruto world so we have to improvise a bit.
Or does it matter if there are tibia monsters in there? What do you guys think?


Other information:
Exp rate
is close to RL tibia (the modern one but not getting 300 levels in a week, i mean the initial stage of the game)
I will be conducting some closed tests later. If you're interested hit me up on discord.

Server discord:
It is a bit inactive at the moment because lack of people, but i'm there and i'm available to talk and discuss if you ever want to <3

Any opinions on my scribble?
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Concept is great, keep going, fingers crossed for this project!
Finally, something new in anime OTS.
  • Diversified spawns a bit.
  • Added new spawns.
  • Configured crafting, set crafting ingredients loot to monsters.
  • Reworked monster loot.- Setup damage algorithms for spells.
  • Nerfed Spear damage (now a throwing kunai), added a faster attacking senbon with less damage.
  • New rarity attributes (This will probably be there until i run out of ideas :p)
  • 1 new mysteriando...

The land of fire:
- Progress: started.


More info:
I'm building Konoha. Other than that research is being done on how to put everything in its place. Graphics are being commisioned, though process has started. Lemme cook.

Projected time to finish the city (roughly): a week.

Near future:

  • Creating the Land of Fire.
  • Zetsu clones spawning from dead monsters that will drop upgrade materials

The land of fire is gonna be the current focus, and it's gonna be developed for the majority of time.
After that other countries will probably be level-gated, and depending on the course i take will either be released as updates, or purely mission based, as places to visit once during some dungeon style missions or something.


Would anybody here be interested in tests conducted next weekend? We will tryout some things and test the concept on rookgaard. For fun. PVP on, probably with x1 rates for now and we will come up if they're right or should be boosted, et cetera.
I've actually opened it up.
There's a playable ALPHA build available while i work on mainland. The rook and the overall direction of the server is open for interpretation and suggestions

Spare me the website bugs for now. I'm still working on it.
And multiple things at the same time

Website: https://asonline.eu.org/
Discord: (https://discord.gg/g3WmwQHHNY)
Devlog #3:
  • Spell list added
  • Added a shield to a chest on spawn
  • Mobs spawn a lot slower. (It was waaay too fast)
  • Changed Tsunade’s greeting.
  • More ways to get spears (They are op on tibia too, it’s fun so lets keep it)
  • Fixed “electric” chakra nature. Cause: Typo :(
  • Adjusted loot from creatures, but overall “loot rate” went up.
  • Bug, Troll and Goblin no longer run, or run at lower health values.
  • Genichiro sells a mining pickaxe for now (100gp)
  • Disabled one unfinished quest until its done.

HP REGEN: 1 → 2 /s (+100%)
MANA REGEN: 2 → 3 /s (+50%)
CAP PER LEVEL: 5 → 12 (+140%)

Spell formulas and costs changed.
Not yet worth to post detail of every spell changed. Most of them got edited.
  • Fixed a few errors.
  • Added a depot for Benisu
  • Removed market and inbox from Benisu.
  • Konoha status (20%), i hate making cities :(
  • Added more damage spread to spells
  • Added 5 new graphics, 2 new mobs.
  • No more tibia bodies. Everything drops a bag (it's look prone to change)
  • Fixed a task bug, and added a few more tasks on Benisu.
  • Spirit Mobs resistances adjusted to be more noticeable.
  • Fixed the site a lil' tiny bit.
  • New Katon housenka.

- Revealed full map in client.
It will be more restricted for discovery purposes but for now it doesnt and shouldnt really be obfuscated.

- Added a White Zetsu mechanic.
Whenever you kill a mob there's a 0.8% chance that a white zetsu clone spawns from it. They boast a 2 times drop rate, and drop additional stuff that's gonna be essential on your ninja way.

Current plan:
  • Map the city whenever i have the strength.
  • Start work on the spells, to make them have more character.
  • Design and implement the shield upgrade mechanic