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[BRAZIL][7.4] Antiga Online

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Nov 9, 2017
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Happy Halloween

Antiga It is a server based on the year 2004.
We have various unique features, always focused on maintaining the good old Tibia. The project is foemd by a team who doesn't want profit, so we have a store entirely limited to premium accounts and decoration items. Certainly, with community feedback, new products may appear in the store over time.

For us, every detail is essential and importante just like in the old days. That's why we have detailed sections presenting everything available on our website, such as: outfits and addons, features, library, information, creatures, spells, raids, quests, items and much more!

Longevity is our focus, so the experience rates will be 1x from beginning to eternity, bringing back the difficulty of the past. This also applies to the loot rate; we value every achievement of your character, whether it's a specific equipment piece or a creature skin for your addon! That's right, we have added addon system and all of them are obtained only in-game, each with its own difficulty, making every outfit a valid representation of effort and rarity.

The same goes for skills, where knives, clubs, sickles, and stones are your partners. Only those who have spent hours training skills on slimes, dwarves, monks or on your friend, know what we're talking about. Skills have impact on your character damage, so don't neglect them.

Tasks exist here, but they won't make your character's journey easier, they don't grant experience or gold. Instead they provide recongnition from NPC Grizzly Adams, who can teach you about unique bosses paths as you advance throug Ranks. These ranks are
0-9 points
10-19 points
20-39 points
Big Hunter
40-69 points
Trophy Hunter
69-99 points
Elite Hunter
100+ points

Party with friends is a good idea, but always respecting level difference! We chose to remove the x4 vocation bonus to maintain difficulty. Tasks are also included in a party and you can do them with up to 4 players.

We also have a Bedmakers system, which regenerates 1 mana per minute when sleeping in bed and with full belly of course. We aim for quality of life when it comes to rune usage, so you won't need to hold blank runes in your hand for that. We also believe thaat displaying the charges next to each rune brings security and speed to player trading. But not everything is easy, be prepared to learn each spell at its proper cost.

Missions are valuable, Djinns need to have their trust earned, just like the subterranean areas of Banuta need to be instructed by the leader of the primates, Hairycles. Rashid partnered with Wally, the leader of the postman, among various other required accesses.

All of this and much more can only be seen in Antiga! We look forward to seeing you, warriors!
See you in October 20, 2023!