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[ENGLAND] [7.4] - Delvine - (10th march, 2023)

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Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol


Launch Date
[10th March, Friday 20:00 CET]

Delvine is a private server that offers a modified replica of the 7.4 version of Tibia. This means that while it aims to closely resemble the original game, there may be some differences in terms of game mechanics, features, or other aspects of gameplay. These changes are typically made to address issues with the original game or to add new content that was not available in the official version. However, the core gameplay experience is intended to be as faithful as possible to the original 7.4 version of Tibia.
  • Loot -> 1x
  • Magic -> 1x
  • Skills -> 1.5x
  • Experience -> 2x down to 1x after level 120.
  • Host -> EU (London)
  • World Type -> PVP
  • Multiclient -> 1 character online per player at a time

  • Overspawn -> Yes
  • Spawn rate -> 1x (Spawn is scaling with players online, customized online numbers from original 7.4)
  • Premium -> From website, different options
  • Shop -> No shop items, only premium available
  • Tiles -> Refreshable tiles just like it was from original tibia 7.4
  • Monster AI -> Monsters has the same behaviour as original tibia 7.4
  • Rules -> Strict anti-cheating policy
  • Addons -> Added addons on-top of the 7.4 retro outfits, only obtainable ingame
  • Tasks -> Tasks obtainable from different NPCs
  • Quests -> Balanced out quest rewards
- Equipment -> Adjusted armor values on some high tier items
  • Port Hope -> Added but not accessible unless players solves world quest
  • Attributes -> Very small chance to obtain items with attributes
  • Mysteriando -> Unsolvable content such as, sword of fury, beholder languague, serpentine tower and more is now solvable.

Account registration will open up on Wednesday 8th March. Creating account before 10th March adds +3 premium days to your account.

Don't forget to join our discord for more information and updates. See you on the 10th March!


Official website: Here
Official discord: Here
I can't find any information about it so figured I'd ask here, how is the regen like?
There is a lot of bug:/ i think they should Fox everything
I can't find any information about it so figured I'd ask here, how is the regen like?
Exp stages
1-50 - 2x
51-60 - 1.8x
61-70 - 1.6x

And so on until 1x at 120+

Sorc + Druid = 1hp/10 sec 1 mana/5 sec
Pally = 1hp/7 sec 1 mana/7 sec
Knight 1hp/5 sec 1 mana/10 sec

MS+ED 1hp/10 sec 1mana/3 sec
RP 1hp/5 sec 1mana/5 sec
EK 1hp/3 sec 1 mana/10 sec

Sever information is on the discord under "settings" on the left tab.

Edit - Misread your post at first, updated with regen.
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There is a lot of bug:/ i think they should Fox everything
its atm old test version on the website. in the newer version alot of bugs is fixed alrdy. But the owner is in Thailand so he can´t upload new version atm. He also set the launch day a week later. so 17 march it will launch for real.
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Items can be looted in different colour too. they are rarer tho.
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