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[France][13.20] Noveria Online - 1st July 2023 - FULL LAUNCH!

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol
Innovative and fascinating server. You should try it if you didn't already.
Double skill event!

An endless marathon of monster mashing! If you enjoy the rhythmic repetition of click, slay, loot, repeat, with a sprinkle of 'pay-to-win' seasoning to liven up the rather monotonous feast, this is your all-you-can-grind buffet!

HOWEVER, the map's seriously a blast, loaded with all sorts of neat stuff, and the people? Totally awesome. Always there to help you out when you're in a jam.


Overall Rate: 5/10

Pay to win: 8/10 (lower = better)
Community: 7/10
Map: 8/10
Fun to play, and things to do: 3/10

Double loot weekend!

Get twice as much chance to loot rare items this weekend.

I still think it is one of the best servers, BUT after playing a few days I find it very p2w. You have to spend 250~~ Euros for an upgrade to make "your character good ", otherwise you are useless and can beat "dragons". Talking to 600 lvl + players I found out that most of them paid 250~~ Euros to have an equipment upgrade. I understand that the server is supposed to make money for itself but without exaggeration.
Unfortunately a "game changer" can be bought here for $$$.
Even streamers openly talk about it :D
Auto loot system is now account-wide. Characters on accounts that have auto loot system will receive their loot pouches on login now.

  • Auto loot system comes with loot pouch and can be configured through "manage containers" dialog in your backpack context menu. There is no limitation on how many items can be set to collect or skip.
  • Double loot event starts tomorrow!
Interesting things are happening, bans without reasons, no reason for the ban in the description, guess what you got banned for, banning for killing egg mr dziszok kasti. Nice comedy ots is getting, and it promised to be a nice ots.
screen from discord noveria 🤣image-4.png
I recommend reading the discord xdd

It would be appropriate to write the reason for the ban into the ban.
You also need to provide the banned person with evidence of the ban a not:
Hey, what does he have a ban for?

I don't have a ban, but other players do, and we and others don't like what you are doing.
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More screenshots I don't want to look in the darkroom.

I already know everything,mr Dziszok Kasti threatened that if anyone who wrote even one bad word to him does not get a ban then he is leaving and will not stream noveria

Beautiful Administration :D
Bans for the truth.
Lack of evidence.

Cwiras brain not found XD

Half ots banned because dziszok kasti can't exp :D
2 people banned for free, don't know what for.
They are waiting for evidence :D

Zbizu is an okay person, but cwiras is some kid with an ego above the clouds. Interesting cases can be found about him here on otland

I love this kind of thing.


Detective Kettle
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Not recommending wasting time and energy. Anyways they releases yours IP if your telling realities about that spoofed poop.
Not recommending wasting time and energy. Anyways they releases yours IP if your telling realities about that spoofed poop.
The big advantage of this server is that its' community does not like toxic ppl. Seems like you had some problem or tried being toxic or offensive or anything else than just enjoy playing, otherwise nobody would do anything to you. If thats true, I'm happy to see that you're out!
cool server tbh but low on players and half of people are palladins xd

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