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Sanctus Online (Custom RPG With Extensive Crafting) - Dev/Discussion Thread


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Jan 22, 2017
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Hello Open Tibia World!

I want to introduce you to a pet project I've been working on (on and off in between getting hooked on an assortment of OT's that's popped up :D) for quite a while. (5 years? ish). It's finally to a point to where I wanted to show the community what I've been working on, and get some feedback (even from the low life trolls, bring it on :))

I'm not going to do a TLDR. Odds are, if you won't take 10 or 15 minutes to read through my post, then you probably won't like this server anyway. No hard feelings, carry on hero.

NOTE: I have made a discord for this game, but I haven't fully set it up yet. If there is any interest in this project, I'll get it fixed up this weekend to make an easier place to discuss

To start off with, let me tell you a little backstory. I started playing Tibia somewhere in the late 90's, I don't remember exactly. Somewhere around 6.4 maybe?. I was around 10 years old, had been hooked on Zelda for SNES, and got my first computer for Christmas, with this (super cool!!!) internet trial thing on a disc for dial up internet. Naturally, the first thing I was after was to find me a game like Zelda. Well, that somehow landed me on Tibia. (I even remember when premium accounts were introduced, and I convinced my grandma to mail a money order in to get me a premium account haha). I then continued playing regularly until around 8.6. From there on, I started really losing interest in the direction Tibia was taking. I had messed around from time to time on OT's (mostly on the 111111/tibia type servers), but the only serious time commitment I put in was in RL Tibia at that point. Fast forward, and aside from playing for a few months in 10.98, I haven't logged into RL Tibia since, and have only latched on to some good OT's from time to time over the years.

Personally, I'm a fan of most types of OT's (minus any kind of pay to win or bots). I like Evo's for a bit here and there, I like RL map servers (only 8.6 or older).....but custom RPG's are where I have fun the most. The exploration, solving quests, etc. There have been a few over the years that were a ton of fun, but I felt (and still do), that 95% of the community here is either half baked custom servers, or RL copy/paste maps. Not going to knock either one. I can attest that making a custom server is a TON of work. I had months and months at a time where I did nothing in my hobby time except work on this server. Also - I enjoy a (non p2w) fresh start RL 7.4 server, even if it is copy/paste.

SO - I set out several years ago to create my vision on a game like Tibia that I want to play, with some really in depth crafting akin to something like Runescape. There have been very few crafting systems in OT's that I have really liked. Most feel very clunky to me, and out of place. I wanted to attempt to change that.

Sanctus Online was born from this idea.

What is it?

It is a custom RPG that plays like Tibia, but has a crafting system similar to Runescape. There is no "version" to tie this to per se. The entire engine behind this server looks nothing like the TFS distro I used to begin the project. I have refactored/rewritten at least 70% of the engine code (largely so that I could understand it fully). (Props to all the TFS devs, you guys rock, and I used your code to learn so many things) I even went as far as starting from a clean slate, and recreating all of the item/data information from scratch. This is largely why it took me so long to develop this. I bit off more than I could chew in the beginning, and it was slow moving. BUT, I'm glad that I did it now, because my custom RPG doesn't have any confusing artifacts that exist in typical dat/spr/datapacks.

It is still a work in progress, but theoretically I could have it ready for a beta test in a relatively short time if there is enough interest. The core systems are all working as intended, so what is left before a beta is: Cleaning up the client itself, some more content mapping, a few more quest lines, and of course, a little balance/map polish.

Despite not having an official Tibia version to really compare it to, here is an idea of some things on general direction (subject to change based on feedback):

  • No Market. 100% Player driven economy
  • Cannot walk over stacked parcels/boxes
  • No soul points
  • No stamina
  • No wands or buying runes from the shop (Runemaking/selling will be a thing, but I do not expect people to spend 2 weeks making enough runes for a 30 minute hunt. It will be much faster, but slow enough to strike the balance)
  • No aimbot battle window in PVP
  • No hotkeys for runes/potions
  • 1 client, 1 character on at a time
  • Perma ban for anyone I find cheating. I've taken a lot of time to mitigate as much cheating as I can, but there are a lot of smart people in this community that will break every wall I put up.... I'm sure of it. I'll be actively monitoring for any kind of botting/macro use, and will simply perma ban every case I find of it, and every account/character associated with the person I find using it.

This game is intended to be a very long term RPG, not a zerg rush/war/die OT server. I am only interested in fostering to a community of RPG'ers such as myself. If that's not for you, no hard feelings. I feel that the lack of a community feeling is the biggest thing missing from modern gaming, and especially our beloved Tibia. I will do everything I can to foster/grow a community around this project, even for just a few of us!

The sprites you see here are a mixed bag. For one - I am NOT a graphics artist. I am mediocre at it on the very best of days. But I am also not an elitist, and I wanted to focus more on gameplay than looks. Having said that - there are some sprites currently in use that are more or less placeholders (like runes!, don't judge me too harshly on that, I made them all in like one 30 minute session to give me some kind of visual hahaha) This server uses almost entirely either sprites I've made myself, sprites from the open tibia sprite pack (credits to all of you wonderful people who contributed to this! You are awesome), and CCO (supposedly) sprites that I have found here and there on the web. If anything I'm using here is not supposed to be used, and you can prove to me that you made it, I will happily change it out. I'm not trying to rip anyone off here :). There ARE a few sprites from old CIP files that are still in use (especially monsters), but I'll phase these out over time, as I can.

The idea here, was to use mostly existing open source things to bring something to life, and then gradually move away from any ties to official Tibia sprites or files of any kind once the game is live. The project is almost at the point to where I would like to host it, and have people who enjoy these types of games give me feedback and help me turn it into something really fun!

Alright, lets dive into it!


First up, lets talk about the crafting, as that is the biggest driver as to what makes this game interesting (to me at least ;))
As you can see, there are quite a few skills (in their own separate tab) that all work together.

First, let's talk about food. All food in the game (minus fruits/mushrooms) must be cooked in order to eat it. Meat/Ham you loot from a monster, or fish you catch in the water will be looted raw. In order to consume this food, it must be cooked on a campfire(that you create from logs you cut in woodcutting). The higher your cooking skill, the less likely you will be to burn what it is you are cooking.


So for example, at cooking level 1, shrimp is going to be the way to go. You will catch them with a small fishing net, cut some logs down, and create a campfire out of them. At first, you will burn more shrimp than you successfully cook. But by the time you have gained a few levels, you will rarely ever burn a shrimp. This will progress all the way through to sharks. Even the best of chefs will still burn sharks here and there (Maybe there is an item to help with that! ;)), which is a bummer because sharks do take a while to catch!

So what's the point in having so many different types of food?

I'm glad you asked. As it currently stands, there are no health/mana potions in the game. Some foods will simply give you a timer and slow regeneration (like normal), and some foods with instant heal you X amount, or give X mana instantly on consumption. Perhaps some food in addition to that will give you increased mana regen, or HP regen. This is a magical land after all. A player could (for example) commit to being a fisherman, selling a certain kind of fish to warrior's in order to heal themselves, or a certain kind of fish to mages to quickly regen that precious mana bar. TBD how far we go with this system, based on player feedback. :)

Continued in my next post. There will be several posts to follow this one, bare with me, I'll be sure to tell you when I'm done for now! :D
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Logs are a very important part of the game. Depending on the type of tree you cut, will determine what type of logs you receive. Better logs will require a more sturdy axe, which of course will require a certain woodcutting level to wield. ;)

But what do you do with these logs?


The first thing to know is that you can use a tinderbox to burn the logs. This gives Firemaking experience, and it will require a certain level in Firemaking to burn higher tier logs. The better logs you burn, the longer the fire will burn. These fires will be used for cooking food.



Another use case for logs is the Fletching skill. (Those Rangers have to get their ammo from somewhere!) Players can use a small fletching knife on logs in order to obtain arrow shafts. Players can use a large fletching knife on logs in order to obtain bolts. The better the log that is fletched, the more arrow shafts/bolts you will receive. Normal bolts can be used immediately, but arrows must be made. I will cover this more in depth in the smithing section of the thread, but for now:

Arrow Shaft (from logs) + Feather = Headless Arrow
Headless Arrow + Arrowhead = Arrow


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Throughout the land are rocks that contain various ore. Higher tier ore requires a more sturdy pickaxe, which will require certain Mining levels to wield.

NOTE There is nowhere in the game to buy "blank runes" for rune making. Instead, players will mine rune essence from the appropriate ore containing rocks, which can then be sold to players, or used themselves to increase magic level.

Ok great, but what do we do with these ores? I'm glad you asked.

Ore can be smelted down at a furnace in order to produce the corresponding bars.

The bars that you create (+ other ingredients depending on the item you are after) have various uses. A player simply needs to use a smithing hammer on an anvil.



Using these bars + sometimes other ingredients, players can make an assortment of equipment.

Remember when we were talking about fletching earlier? Well, you can use these bars to make specific types of arrowheads to attach to your headless arrow, or you can use them to plate bolts as well.


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I think that wraps up the general crafting. So I'll finish up this intro post with a little about the (unfinished) map. It is frustrating for me to play on a map that feels very confined, and causing me to constantly run into tight places and bump into everything. (Maybe I'm a tad claustrophobic? haha). It is equally as frustrating to me to have a gigantic map with no content that feels like I have to walk for hours to do anything. I am trying my imperfect best to meet that somewhere in the middle. There is currently only one decent sized town.

You will notice throughout this dev cycle that there are similar feeling places to real tibia. This is intentional. Carlin was always my favorite town, so I created Oakenshore with Carlin in mind. This will be seen in other areas as well. It's not all inspired by real tibia, but many initial things will. Below, you'll notice my take on mintwallen (Thornmond), as well as Elvenbane, and an "ancient temple" type cave system.

Also showcased here, is the player housing and general shop areas that are currently in game.

NOTE - The map is not polished yet. Some places may feel a tad empty in the following screenshots. It won't remain that way.



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Another thing you will notice throughout some of these pics - is the questlines, accompanied by quest logs to help you keep track of what you have done.

Every quest chain will have a quest log indicating what you have completed and where you are in progress, as well as every item box in the game will appear in your quest log once you have found it, with a short description on where it is, and also detailing what you received from it.

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Ok! That's all for now. Give me some feedback.

If there is enough interest, I'll finish setting up the discord, and push to get an early beta online for everyone to play.

If not, I'll just keep on keepin' on and revisit this again later!


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Looks interesting, especially the fishing part, there's a lot of folk that enjoy fishing and im sure a lot could agree with me that fishing is the best way to spend your time in tibia
Definitely will play~
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Wicked Tuna Fishing GIF by National Geographic Channel

I've always enjoyed fishing as well. I feel like this is a good way to add alot of incentive to it. Especially with there being a variety of fish, and with them being the predominate way of healing
Not sure if i join test phase (0 time), but will join the project for sure on release.
Looks very good but as i read about cities from rl map, i think ONLY cities are ok on custom map OT, nothing more
I've only "read" the pictures XD it seems the grind issss reaal, but also seems very rewarding. I'll try reading the thread again when my adhd isnt acting up
Hahah understood. I tend to be a little long winded.

The grind is real - but I'm attempting to make it worth it :D
No hotkeys, No aimbot, No stamina, Economy based on RUNE MAKING? Anyone good at math will guess correctly that it is indeed a formula for perfect botting ot.

Admin monitoring is good, but the same thing was in CS 1.6, and I could still cheat with admins watching - just needed to gain enough advantage, but not enough to be spotted.
Hi all - been a minute since I updated here!

I've been working behind the scenes on various things. Mostly balance/world design. With such an extensive crafting system, balance is quite the tricky beast.

The discord is officially live - Join the Sanctus Online Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/dMja7XwPqE)

Come chat, and give me some feedback/suggestions!

I am not going to give definitive dates, but I'm pushing for a short beta in the very near future, followed quickly by a live V1 release! :D
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No hotkeys, No aimbot, No stamina, Economy based on RUNE MAKING? Anyone good at math will guess correctly that it is indeed a formula for perfect botting ot.

Admin monitoring is good, but the same thing was in CS 1.6, and I could still cheat with admins watching - just needed to gain enough advantage, but not enough to be spotted.
I somehow missed this comment when you posted it a while back, haha.

I don't disagree with you. It's the perfect formula for botters to attempt a hostile takeover. I can't get them all, but I can make their life very difficult, and Poof all of their progress away every time I discover it.

It's not perfect - but I absolutely refuse to join the crowd of "if you can't beat em, join em".

I'm not knocking botters in general per se.... it makes sense I guess in some games/servers, but for me - It takes all of the magic away to have some kind of software do everything for me. It also takes all of the magic away when the entire economy of a game is ran by botters. I aim to minimize/eliminate this problem to the very best of my ability to do so.
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Evidently discord decided to allow my "never expire" link to expire. Here's an updated discord link! Let me know if this one stops working, haha. Join the Sanctus Online Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8URqnWgC6V)

I'm now working on getting a website up and running!

Within the next few weeks, the goal is to have the website up, and to have an alpha launch so that I can test the backend in a live environment.

Expect major tweaks to balance during the Alpha, but I'm hoping we can get enough people online to give me a good benchmark :)

In the meantime, here's a preview of the skills that will be available right out of the gate:
I am trying to take a minimalist approach here. By this, I mean that I'm trying to make the crafting feel like it belongs, and not overload everything with a bunch of clunky windows or "talk commands"!

If you have any questions, jump in the discord. I'm usually around, and I would love to have some more feedback/suggestions!
I wasn't happy with the smithing UI. I made it a few years ago, and just kinda chopped it together and made it all work and properly communicate with my server.

I've spent the last several days revamping it, and making it look great (to me anyway!) I'll give a preview of it in a couple of days when it's totally done.

Website is still a WIP, but coming.

It's alot of work to do it all yourself 🤣. It also is exceedingly difficult at times to troubleshoot issues that I run across - because I've rewritten and made from scratch so many things over the years that there is nothing to reference.

Soon - I'm going to only be posting updates in discord/on my website when it is up.

There seems to be very little interest here in this project thus far, haha.
Here is a little preview of the Smithing system! A live test is drawing ever closer!



Smithing complete, and also added to the fletching system to finish it off as well.

Fletching now works as follows:

  • Use a small fletching knife on wood > gain arrow shafts
  • Use a large fletching knife on wood > gain bolts
  • Use a fletching table (found in the fletching guild), and bring up clean UI to craft bows and crossbows

So, with that said, I believe the crafting systems are all 100% complete for beta:

  • Woodcutting
  • Fletching
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Firemaking
  • Mining
  • Smithing

I have some ideas for other skills to implement soon after release, (slayer anyone? ;)) but I really want to put this thing online, so I think I'll stop the core features there for now, and work on finishing up V1 world development.

Beta comes as soon as I'm satisfied that there is enough content to last a bit!

As it stands, there is one main town (and I aim to keep it this way initially), a few major questlines, and a handful of one off quests.

Next, I will focus on expanding this out. I am trying to bring the world to life by packing it with content, but not to the point of crowded, confusing pathing. I guess we will see where it goes next :D