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Ranger's Arcani - Official Discussion



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Jul 15, 2009
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10/01/[email protected]
  • Crafting "Fill" option has been fixed
  • Red skull has been fixed and will keep after logging out and logging in
  • Igris spell description has been fixed and from now it will shows correct damage values
  • Igris, Druid spell mana const has been fixed
  • Brotherhood outfit mount has been fixed
  • Gerwazy NPC quest dialogue has been fixed
  • Search for Food, Ice Cube and Magic Rope will work properly after vocation change
  • Spell bar potions quantity has been fixed
  • A bug where you could throw items offscreen has been fixed
  • Necromancer summons will appear in the party panel damage

  • Heal Friend, Druid spell has been changed and will have less efficiency with summons
  • From now your guild chat will open automatically after logging in to the game
  • From now all chat channels will accept link to items
  • 8 new mount have been added to the game (all are available to get)
  • From now guild members will sort by a level and online status in guild overwiev window
  • Phoenixes spawn has been reworked (it's much bigger now)!
  • Bronze, silver and gold bellows have been changed and now these items give you small chance to return some resources if you successfully forge an item
  • Unique items spell modifiers have been recoded and tested and will work correctly
  • Light radius has been increased for The crystal of the enchanted light item
  • A magic effect has been added for successfully dodge and death hit event