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Therran - Official Discussion


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Jun 2, 2007
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Yes, it's true. We've finally decided on a launch date. This has been a long wait for everyone.
We relaunched this thread once again to make the discussions about the official launch instead of the old tests.
Though we want the main part of the discussions of our server to take place in our discord server, we still want to have this forum as a platform for discussions.
You're welcome to post your ideas and suggestions and other input on the server in this thread.

For those of you who don't know what Therran is, here's a short summary:
  • Massive custom map with a lot of planning and careful detailing, many quests, lots of lore and background stories all around for you to explore.
  • Custom Monsters, NPCs, Graphics, Items, Effects and a Client with anti-bot measures, a wider game screen and an action bar for hotkeys and spells.
  • Custom slots for backpacks and tools for fast access but also dual ring slots.
  • Few unique systems like a completely rebuilt skill system.
  • Water transparency, sound effects and music.
  • World changes that change the environment and opens up new paths for you to explore.
  • No pay to win, the shop only contains cosmetic items. Skill resets, sex change and teleportation devices can be bought but not transferred.

So what has happened with Therran since last time?
  • We've trashed the '8ware' name to make things easier, we're now only called 'Therran', for simplicity.
  • We've been working hard on fixing all reported bugs from the testing phase.
  • A complete rework of the light system along with many client enhancements.
  • More areas completed and opened up for players to explore.
  • Even more quests than before (over 300 unique quests) and updated the quest log module.
  • Reworked task system and few more bosses added.
  • More custom graphics!
  • Filled in the missing pages of the tutorial module.
  • Reworked the hotkeys and added a spellbook module which you can pick your spells from.
  • Removed !online and replaced it with an online list module.
  • Minimap-ping your party! You ping a point on the minimap and your party members minimaps move to that location.
  • Log in with email and password, no more account names!
  • Live Cast system has been re-implemented.
  • Account and character creation has been moved to the client.
  • Fresh new client launcher and improved patching system.
Now to what you've been waiting for:
Therran will launch on Friday November 26th 2021 at 20:00 (8 pm) CET
The client will be available for download from Monday November 22nd for account and character creation.

We're ready, are you?

Currently developed by:
@Moj mistrz

Throughout the many years of development we've had lots of people helping which we'd like to give many thanks to as well:
Samuro, Ragheed, Macedoon, Mindrage, Dalkon, Yellowhat, Neon, Mannen med Brillorna (MmB), Clonas, Zenorex, Ecration, Fargo, TFS team & OTC team.

Therran Team
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Are the vocations custom? Are all the spells custom?
To answer your question, no. The vocation names are the same, they do behave somewhat different from the tibia vocations since you build your character in a different way with the skills. We also have not focused on remaking the spells but have added a few custom ones and altered some. Our goal is to rework spells in the future by adding some, making our custom formulas to existing ones and possible replacements. All of this needs to be evaluated by checking the balance of the game while it's played, so it will most likely be part of many updates in the future.
I still remember how good MMB's maps were like 10 years ago on otfans, guy was talented af already then. Made some great ots. Mackan aswell, cant wait to see what they bring now.
Mackan or jolle_jkpg, will there be some form of proxy or assistance with high latency for those not living in the EU? (If its hosted in EU ofc) I know Medivia does it quite well, yet that's not the standard across the board. I did try asking twice on discord yet no answer :S

I think it would be a pretty critical thing to widen your user base.
OMFG Mackan and Blackstone are both legendary mappers imho. Absolutely cannot wait to see their work in action. Good luck to you and your team.
Will definitely test it out! Great content
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Is there a website to therran?