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[GERMANY] [7.6] YurOTS - Classic Tibia Old School Rules Server

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Trash ots, gm ego top when answer to ppl there, but didn't even care about few players =D
Winter edition start today 21:00 CET, 11th December 2023. You are welcome, enjoy!
Weekend EXP BOOST +10%. Enjoy
Merry Christmas Yurlanders!

Winter update has came on!
Look what is waiting for you:

Christmas Tree Event

and a few little things like:
-Ring of the skies gives 'fly' possibility (only in protection zones)
-Outfit NPC on Premia
-added missing NPCs on Premia
-fixed Inquisition Quest

We wish you a nice game and stay tuned for more!
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YurOTS.pl - The best choice. Feel the sense of playing Tibia.
Weekend EXP BOOST +10%. Enjoy!
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