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Join the QuestLands Alpha Phase - Your Feedback Matters!


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Jun 21, 2016
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Hello fellow OTLanders,

We are excited to announce the development of QuestLands, an immersive RPG game server that brings exciting features to the Open Tibia community. Currently, we are in the alpha phase and we value your feedback to help us improve and shape the game.

QuestLands offers classic 7.6 game mechanics with no item hotkeys, just like the original Tibia. The map is the real Tibia map, carefully crafted to provide a nostalgic experience for old-school players.

During the alpha phase, we will maintain mid-high rates to ensure proper testing, but please note that these rates may be adjusted to low-mid (to be determined) in the release version for a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience.
  • Experience: 10x
  • Skill: 5x
  • Magic: 3x
  • Loot: 2x
Some of the key features of QuestLands include:
  • Deflationary Economy: Gold can only be looted from certain creatures, adding depth and strategy to the in-game economy.
  • Item Rarity System: Discover and collect rare items with varying attributes and powers.
  • Improved Monster AI: Monsters can detect players from further away and have reduced lag between actions, providing a challenging gameplay experience.
  • Unique Monster System: Encounter randomized stats, elite, and champion versions of monsters for epic battles and rewarding loot.
  • Dungeon System: Explore challenging dungeons with different difficulty levels and earn rare materials for upgrading your equipment.
  • Item Upgrade System: Upgrade your equipment using materials obtained from dungeons, allowing you to improve your gear without having to obtain new items.
  • Map Revamp: Explore remapped cities and discover new hunting spots for exciting adventures.
For further information about these features, please go to QuestLands Features.

We are constantly working on implementing and improving these features, and your feedback as part of our community is invaluable in making QuestLands the best it can be. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and bug reports with us on our QuestLands Discord or on our Website.

Join us in the QuestLands alpha phase and be part of shaping this exciting RPG game server. Together, let's create an unforgettable gaming experience!

Last but not least, we would like to share some in-game screenshots to give you a glimpse of the world of QuestLands. Check out the images below and get a sneak peek into the adventures that await you!


Thank you for your support,

God Zyzz from The QuestLands Team
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Cool, dude! I like it.
Thanks for your feedback! I see you in-game testing and having fun!
The lack of item hotkeys lost my interest... sorry.
I understand that the absence of item hotkeys in the game may have been disappointing for you and caused you to lose interest. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Also, I want to add that we have some exciting updates to share with you on the development of Questlands!

  • You can now rope monsters. As it was in the original versions of Tibia.
  • We've also made some minor map fixes to improve the overall navigation and accessibility of the game world. We want to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable exploration experience as you uncover hidden treasures and secrets.
  • To bring more excitement to your encounters, certain monsters will now spawn with random head colors! Keep an eye out for these unique and eye-catching creatures as you journey through the lands of Questlands. e.g. Hunters, Bandits, Amazons, even Warlocks!
  • In response to the increasing challenges you face, we've made adjustments to monster attributes. Elite and Champion monsters now have increased defense/armor and healing abilities (along with the current increase in damage, speed, health and experience), making them even more formidable opponents. Be prepared to strategize and bring your best gear and tactics to defeat these powerful foes.
  • Additionally, we've slightly increased the amount of gold dropped by elite and champion monsters. Your efforts in defeating these tough adversaries will now be rewarded with even more gold, allowing you to further enhance your character and equipment.
  • But that's not all! We've also added special abilities to Elite and Champion versions, with more to come in the near future. Don't miss out, check it out and discover these exciting new features!

We hope these fixes and updates will enhance your overall gameplay experience in Questlands. Thank you for your continued support and feedback as we strive to make Questlands the best it can be. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and happy adventuring!
Greetings, fellow Questlands adventurers!

As I strive to create a server that's made by players, for players, I need your help. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the future of Questlands. So, here are two questions for you:
  • Should the server include hotkeys, or keep the old system without item hotkeys?
  • What experience rate would you prefer: low, mid, or high? Also, specify if you would want stages or not (I vote for steady mid experience rate)
I'm also inviting you to join Discord, test the server (QuestLands.Net), provide feedback, and participate in polls (in Discord) that will determine the direction of Questlands. Together, let's make this server an epic gaming experience. Thank you for your support!

I will always advocate for item/spell hotkeys. They're just part of the modern day ethos and I don't believe in holding on to an aging past.

As far as experience rate, that's something I can't really decide because I've always felt that is a core decision that should be as tangible as the name of the project itself.